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The Royal Logistic Corps Motorcycle Enduro Team

Poster Design

Enhancing Photographs

Editing Photographs

Poster Design & Illustration for Recruitment Purposes

We illustrated and designed a recruitment poster for the Royal Logistic Corps Motorcycle Enduro Team. When we were approached by the team leader to design the poster they supplied us with a bank of photographs, most of which were taken using mobile phones. We spent time enhancing a handful of the photographs and then editing them in Photoshop so that they could be incorporated into a poster for recruitment purposes. Some of the photographs that were edited in Photoshop included the use of a wide range of filters, effects and masks. These effects added to the ‘dramatics’ and ‘excitement’ caught on camera. Our aim was to create a poster that reflected the thrill and excitement of what these guys do in their spare time. The RLC Motorcycle Enduro Team looked to us to create something exciting and eye-catching that they could display around the army barracks and post on their Facebook and Instagram pages. By the end of the process the team were delighted with what we produced.

RLC Motorcycle Enduro Team Facebook Page

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Our work with the Royal Logistic Corps Motorcycle Enduro Team involved:

• Creating a Recruitment Poster

• Editing & Masking Photographs and adding Photoshop Effects and Filters

“Good work mate poster looks awesome! I will recommend you to the other army teams”