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Hillingdon Mind believes that life experience and the environment we live in play a major part in influencing our mental health. Our upbringing, the pressures of day to day living, the experience of trauma, discrimination, harassment and poverty can all have adverse effects on our mental well-being. Hillingdon Mind run a wide variety of services and projects that treat and manage mental health problems.

Mind have a very tight set of brand guidelines which areas, such as Hillingdon, must follow. With that in mind we have designed a wide range of printed products for Hillingdon Mind that fit the brief and follow the national brand guidelines.

Our work with MIND has involved creating:

• Tri-fold leaflet for TACS (The Addiction Counselling Service)

• New 2019 Tri-fold leaflet for Hillingdon Mind

• TACS Roller Banners for the launch at Heathrow

• Posters & Flyers raising awareness of gambling addiction

• Discrete pocket sized folded cards with Hillingdon Mind & TACS contact details

• Business Cards