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Flegg Limited

Website Development

Brochure Portfolio

Website Maintenance

Marketing Video Production

Website Development & Maintenance • Brochure Design.

Flegg Limited produce bespoke furniture for both residential and commercial projects. They produce stand along cabinets all the way through to work-in wardrobes. Their commercial work involves fitting out care homes with bespoke joinery solutions private and public spaces.

Website Design & Maintenance: We have been working with the Flegg brothers since the summer of 2020. Their website has been updated and refreshed by ourselves, which now includes a brand new marketing video. We also maintain their website for them, allowing them more time to make furniture.

A Brand New Brochure: For the past few months we have been working with the Flegg brothers on a new A4 landscape perfect bound brochure so that they can showcase their portfolio of work quite easily, but professionally, when meeting prospective clients.

Our work with Flegg has involved

• Developing and maintaining their website

• Producing a new Marketing Video

• Designing a new 'High End' brochure that showcases their portfolio of residential and commercial work