Street Angels



Working with Hillingdon Street Angels I have been working on projects for Hiilingdon Street Angels since October 2015. Street Angels can be found in cities right across the world. Here in Uxbridge, the Hillingdon Street Angels patrol the streets in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings, giving assistance to people in need of help. The work of the Hillingdon Street Angels, which is being God's love on the streets, is supported by local churches and businesses. 

Project diary 

Leaflets promoting the work of Hillingdon Street Angels

2015 - I was approached by Hillingdon Street Angels following a personal recommendation from one of my other clients. The brief was to revitalise their marketing leaflets which are distributed to promote their work, recruit volunteers and seek financial donations. Hillingdon Street Angels distribute two marketing leaflets, one targeted at churches and the other at businesses. The identity of each leaflet needed to be different in content, layout and colour yet similar in style. I produced two bespoke designs that reflected the core purpose of Hillingdon Street Angels in ways that each target market could associate with and respond to. The leaflets have now been designed, printed and distributed. HSA were so pleased with the outcomes that I was commissioned once again in the early part of 2016 to design and print a variety of materials that were to form part of a recruitment drive. I also produced some credit card sized handouts that could be given to people when they had been helped in the hope that they may respond financially or practically to the help they received in the future.

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