St Andrew's Church, Uxbridge


Working with St. Andrew's Church within the Uxbridge Team Ministry

St Andrew’s Church is part of the Uxbridge Team Ministry in Uxbridge. It is an Anglican church with an Anglo-Catholic tradition. In 2015 the church celebrated their 150th anniversary and expressed a desire to publish a small paperback book celebrating how the church has grown. A number of people were able to dig out old photographs and newspaper articles. Alongside this, there were those who could recall key events in their lifetime. All of this information was then passed to me. Many of the photographs needed to be digitally enhanced before I could put a 50-page book together. In to the book, which was published at the start of 2015, there was also the desire to sell a range of ‘quality’ souvenir merchandise. I liaised with a number of manufacturers who produced jute bags, bone china mugs and greeting cards. All of these products have sold incredibly well and have made a lasting memento of the much-celebrated 150th anniversary.

Since the 150th anniversary, I have had the pleasure of designing a range of promotional materials for St Andrew’s Church.    

Date: From October 2015 onwards

Category: Brochures and Promotional Materials.

Saint Andrew's Church Centenary Book
Saint Andrew's Church Centenary Mug
Saint Andrew's Church Flyer
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