Oasis Uxbridge


Working with Oasis in Uxbridge

Oasis Uxbridge is the weekday ministry aspect of St. Margaret’s Church in Uxbridge. Oasis Uxbridge provides a variety of services, events and support for both the local and business communities who are there to serve people in the Town Centre. Their aim is to help equip and support men and women as they seek to live well, enjoying the most fulfilling possible life, and work well, giving of their very best.

In 2013, I began producing some flyers and posters for Oasis, largely for their business lunch that is held once every two months. The lunch is an opportunity for those who work in the town to meet together, enjoy some food from the complimentary buffet and listen to some wise words from the invited speaker.

It became apparent very early on, that a set of brand guidelines were needed, especially as Oasis events were often aimed at the local business and working communities. These were developed in 2015 and are now used widely across the range of materials produced for Oasis Uxbridge.

Messy Church is a hands-on creative approach to Christian worship that serves young children and their parents. Messy Church is a recognised brand, seen across many churches here in the UK. On this basis, the brand guidelines for Messy Church are adhered to, despite it being under the umbrella of Oasis Uxbridge. This area of my design work is just great fun as you can do what it says on the tin…..’messy’.

Date: From 2013 onwards

Category: Brochures, Promotional Materials, Digital Graphics

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Oasis Coffee Shop Brand Identity developed for uniforms and coffee shop consumables
Folded Activity Brochure for Oasis Uxbridge designed by Rob Shepherd
Carol Concert Poster for Oasis Uxbridge designed by Rob Shepherd
Rob Shepherd Graphic Design Solutions Van