Hillingdon MIND


Working with the charity MIND in Hillingdon I was approached by Angela at Hillingdon Mind during the spring of 2016 after a personal recommendation from one of the clergy at St. Margaret's Church in Uxbridge. St. Margaret's Church supports and promotes the counselling services offered by Hillingdon Mind.


After meeting with Angela and two of her colleagues I was given my first design brief, to produce some publicity ideas for TACS (The Addiction Counselling Service) based in Hayes. Having successfully delivered on this first project, I am now working on ideas to promote their counselling services for people with a gambling addiction. This work is so rewarding and right up my street.

Project diary 

TACS (The Addictions Counselling Service) leaflets

August 2016 - Tri-fold leaflet outlining the services offered by TACS, part of Hillingdon Mind. An initial print run of 1000 leaflets. This has allowed TACS to promote their counselling services using a fresh and informative leaflet. The leaflets were designed using the Mind brand guidelines. It is important that any products produced for TACS or Hillingdon Mind are 'Mindified'. This project also involved creating some new 'mindified' illustrations.

Gambling Addiction Counselling Services Publicity 

October 2016 - Following the success of the TACS general information leaflet I was approached by Hillingdon Mind, in association with the Hillingdon Community Trust and Heathrow Airport, to produce some ideas that promote counselling services for those with a gambling addiction. The design brief stated that the ideas need to be eye-catching, informative and discrete in terms of size. Those seeking these counselling services may pick up a leaflet if it can be placed in a pocket quickly and easily. As a response to the brief, a poster has been designed which can be displayed publicly. The poster is then accompanied by small tri-fold leaflets that measure 99mm x 70mm when folded. An ideal size to slip into a pocket or wallet discreetly.

Hillingdon Mind Business Cards 

Hillingdon Mind members of staff have been issued with personalised business cards that I designed and arranged the printing of. They were printed on 350gsm high end satin finish card stock - a real professional look.

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