Guiding Lights


Guiding Lights Volunteer T-shirt

Working with Guiding Lights in Uxbridge

Guiding Lights is a joint churches drop-in initiative to support those in Hillingdon and Uxbridge struggling with concerns. The drop-in facility, facilitated by a group of dedicated volunteers with pastoral and social care experience, is held one morning each week. I have been working with Guiding Lights since it was established in May 2015 when it became quite clear that those in need were on a sharp rise. Guiding Lights supports individuals and promotes the services of other professional organisations established to help the homeless, those living in poverty or those suppressed by fear and anxiety due to their personal circumstances.

I have created a brand for Guiding Lights that reflects their mission and focus. The brand is used on all promotional materials, brochures, flyers and digital graphics. The brochures and flyers are distributed to doctor’s surgeries, libraries, churches and other charities that support those in need.

Date: From May 2015 onwards

Category: Branding, Brochures, Promotional Materials, Digital Graphics

Guiding Lights Brand Identity
Guiding Lights brochure
Guiding Light Poster by Rob Shepherd
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